Company overview

We are pleased to introduce OUSTFIRE SAFETY ENGINEERS an ISO 9001:2008 certified, and Maharashtra Fire Service License Holder company to you.

Established Since 2004, offers total solutions in Fire Hydrant, Fire Detection, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Personal Protective equipment and fire Training for the protection of entire range of Industries and Applications such as – Refineries, Power Plants, and Bottling Plants, Airports, Institutions, Hotels and Restaurants, Workshops, Schools & Colleges (Educational Institutions) etc. We specialize in Fire Hydrant System, Sprinkler System, Fire Detection – cum – Alarm Systems, and all security alarm products, Co2 Extinguishing systems, all types and capacities of fire extinguishers and supplying

We provide Fire Equipments and trained them to used and take whole responsibility of equipment maintenance.

We have complete solution Product Company. As you read Oustfire Safety Engineers means to protect living and non living things from fire. Oustfire Safety Engineers one of the leading Industries in Fire and safety services in Maharashtra with its existence in Industries since 20 years have expanded foot hold all over India

Our mission

Our mission is to become one stop consultancy for all kind of services in the field of environment, health, Safety and risk by providing optimal solutions and to strengthen our position by adopting and evolving best practices and principles.


We shall ensure quality, reliability and continuous technology upgradation thereby enhancing the value of stakeholders. We should inspire others to create pollution free world in order to achieve sustainable growth.

company history

Oustfire Safety Engineers, the pioneer in saving people’s life and their lovable possessions has been serving people for more than 14 years. Started by a small group of ordinary people with extraordinary commitment in Mumbai in 2004 it has grown from strength to strength. This has been possible only because of the company’s commitment to Quality and Service.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We understand importance of your life.

Founder & CEO
Babulal Shaikh
Founder & Promoter, Oustfire Safety Engineers

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