We aim to dedicate ourselves to provide an outstanding level of customer service; delivered with a sense of friendliness, integrity and transparency


We can help you piece it together,Support from qualified fire safety professionals


With Advantage Services from Oustfire, you benefit from a comprehensive service portfolio that is designed to enhance performance & create real value over the entire life cycle

Oustfire Company Values

Quality & Compliant

Our Services prides itself on providing high quality products and services. Our customers trust us to protect their lives, their staff and their property. They are confident that they are in safe hands because we are third-party accredited. This means we are independently assessed regularly to ensure that we comply with the highest possible standards in Oustfire. Our technicians hold the highest qualifications and our office staff have extensive fire industry experience in a variety of industries and sectors.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We provide a reliable service to all of our customers. We always strive to deliver excellent response times and call-out services. Oustfire Services customers can be confident that they are kept legally compliant to avoid fines and prosecutions. We always give clear and justified reasons for our recommendations. Our quality and integrity distinguishes us from other Oustfire providers and is at the heart of our company culture.

Capable & Expert

We have fully qualified and certified technicians. Our sales and management team is staffed by individuals with a wealth of Oustfire and business experience.
The training requirements of our staff are assessed regularly, demonstrating our commitment to investing in our people so they provide a high-quality service to our clients. We have an active working relationship with the Fire Industry Association and publish regular news updates and advice on the fire industry.


We have one point-of-contact for all our clients and are always prepared to listen and spend time going through their legal requirements. We can even provide tailor-made solutions where necessary.

Environmental & Ethical

We run sustainable operations and offer energy saving advice relating to Oustfire. Where possible, any recommendations we make are intended to ensure that you comply with legal requirements.


Our services are continually growing and expanding. We are always investigating and reviewing the latest technology to support our clients.
Our service centres cover the INDIA, but you will be provided with local support from the service centre nearest to you.